As a member of the Curious Fox community, I have watched it grow to over 5,000 people in NYC and around the globe. With peer-led panel discussions, expert-led workshops, an annual Consider This conference, and regular soirées, we have been working together to learn, connect, and thrive while challenging the status quo in love, sex, and relationships.

During next two years, our focus will be on continuing to grow this community – both in NY and around the country – so that there are even more safe, open-minded, dynamic, and engaging Foxholes for people to be curious and to explore ideas that could improve their relationships and lives.

This year alone, we will be:

  • launching a new website
  • providing original, contributed, and curated content on a variety of topics each month; so that you can read about, listen to, and watch stories that will provide you with education and inspiration to cultivate your curiosity
  • offering new educational series and social events, all designed to expand our ideas on what is possible in love, sex, and relationships
  • live streaming and podcasting content, so that this work can have a broader impact
  • working with artists, writers, performers, and storytellers from the community to highlight all of the ways in which we can explore our curiosity

We want Curious Fox to be the hub for anyone who is curious to find ideas, resources, and community to help them design the relationships and life that is meant for them.

Join the REvolution

We have big plans for 2019, and we need your help to manifest the dream where we all can achieve our most interesting, authentic, sexy, purpose-filled lives!

Curious Fox was born out of a desire to find a place where people could feel safe to step out of the box and craft relationships and lives that are as unique as they are. In order to accomplish that goal and provide you and others with more and better content, services, and events, we need additional funding. Help us continue to meet your needs by becoming a Patreon member. (Plus, you will get a bunch of cool stuff when you join!)

And get involved in the conversation! Join us at a Curious Fox event, engage with the CF Facebook Group (open to Patreon members), listen to our podcast, look through the available content and resources, and arm yourself with the information and community which will support your evolution and your curiosity.